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We are running an ASA Fast Pitch softball league for ages 12u, 14u and High School for the Spring 2020 .  Our fields are located right by the Verrazano Bridge.  We have fields all over Brooklyn.  Night games as well.   We are now in process of collecting exception calendars from teams.  If you would like to join our league call me at 917-675-1476.  Our loyal Spring teams will get priority for Summer and Fall ball.  All new teams are welcome to join us.    High school teams welcome – modified schedule We are looking to open up the season  April 5th  & 6th  

My e-mail is mccarthy@freehill.com  

Season length \number of games

15-18 games plus one game playoffs elimination

Each team must play a minimum of 8 games to be eligible for playoffs. 

Rostered players must participate in ½ of the games played

Each team can roster 18 girls

Divisions we will host 12U 14U, High School (Freshman- Senior)

Definitely will have 12U, 14U, High School

Mercy Rule

12U  - must be winning by 10 runs after 5 innings
14U and up  12 runs after 4 innings and 8 runs after 5 innings

Time Limit

We will play 2:00 minute time limit – no drop dead time limit

Field dimensions

40’ mound for 12U

43” mound for 14U and up

Fields that we will utilize

The fields we will use must be within regulation and maintained

so far we have:

10U 12U and 14U – Bay Eighth 1A , 17th avenue, Dean Street, Dewey, Kaiser,

16U and 18U –17th avenue, Bay Eighth 1a, Bay Eighth field 5   

We will consider other fields but we will like to see them

Players in the field

10U – 12U – can play 10 fielders   (Universal batting order) and unlimited substitution  

14U and up  9 players in the field and 10 in batting order  

Field Face Guards

12u and Under MANDATORY

14u AND OVER Pitcher must have face mask


The fee for the league is $ 250.00 and $ 50.00 forfeit fee


Each championship team in each division will receive a championship trophy from the League.

Let me know if you are interested and I will invite you to next meeting

If you need to reach me my cell is 917-675-1476







c/o St. Bernadette Rectory 8201-13th Avenue Brooklyn, New York, N.Y. 11228